The IP law firm was founded in Linz by the engineer Carl Maurer in 1949. In 1956 the Graduate Engineer Gerhard Hübscher became a partner, with the practice relocating to Spittelwiese 7. Gerhard Hübscher continued to run the practice alone following the death of Carl Maurer. His sons Heiner Hübscher and Helmut Hübscher, both Graduate Engineers, joined the practice as trainee patent attorneys in 1969 and 1970. Helmut Hübscher took over management of the practice upon the retirement of Gerhard Hübscher and is still operating it today. Winfried Hellmich (Grad. Engin.) joined the patent attorney team in 2007, having successfully passed the European as well as the Austrian patent attorney examinations. Gerd Hübscher has strengthened the patent attorney practice as a patent attorney candidate since 2010. In 2013, the IP law firm expanded and moved to a new office at Spittelwiese 4.