We support you in all matters concerning industrial and intellectual property, particularly with respect to patent, trademark and design protection, not only nationally, but also worldwide. We can advise you how best to protect your inventions, ensuring your rights are respected and defended.

Our service spectrum ranges from individual advice for single applicants and inventors right up to the global development and management of entire property rights portfolios. Together with our global network of representatives we are your qualified contact for all aspects of intellectual property.

Technical Subjects

Our patent agents have wide-ranging technical and scientific expertise, they are active in all fields of engineering, with the exception of specialist chemical areas.

At the present time, we are focusing on property rights in the fields of mechanical engineering, automobile construction, electrical machinery and drives, mechatronic systems and electrical engineering as well as information and communication technologies, our specialist technical areas also include plastics engineering and process technology.

We look forward to seeing which technical fields your invention will entail!



Initial Consultation

At our initial face-to-face consultation, which lasts around 30 minutes, we will outline the options for protecting your innovations as well as associated opportunities and risks. We will introduce the property rights strategies appropriate to your case, and plan possible next steps in partnership. Needless to say, this initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment soon.


Core Competence

Our main task involves preparing and enacting applications for property rights, both at home and around the world. We possess wide-ranging expertise in drafting registration documents and upholding your applications for property rights throughout the official verification procedure. Understanding your invention in great technical detail is very important to us. On that basis, we strive for high legal validity while protecting your property rights to the greatest possible extent. It is critical that you are aware not only for opportunities linked to industrial property rights, but also the potential risks. Moreover, we are very keen for you to make sound decisions based on the detailed advice we offer.

Naturally we undertake opposition and nullity proceedings against the property rights of third parties at home and abroad, and support you in patent infringement proceedings with the help of an established network of patent attorneys and lawyers.

We support and manage your protective rights portfolio, and we are always there to assist in the strategic utilisation of your property rights.


We will support you in registering name changes or transfers. As the patent register is in essence similar to a land title register, registration requires official documentary evidence of the transmission of a right. These documents can for instance be transfer documents, notarial acts, extracts from a company register and similar. Originals or certified copies must always be submitted. We are happy to discuss details in Person.

Seminars & Workshops

Would you like to know more about industrial property rights? At our seminars and workshops, we help you devise and implement efficient and effective strategies involving patents, registered designs, design patents and brands within your company. We will give you in-depth knowledge you need in a compact, practical format.

Read more: Seminars & Workshops

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