Searches & Monitoring

As part of your service range, we carry out searches of both technical an non-technical property rights, making use of extensive data resources. In this way, depending on the issue at hand, we can provide you with information on existing property rights, the legal status thereof and any prior art relevant to your invention. Wide-ranging evaluation options and ongoing monitoring of search results complete the service range.

Specifically, the various search types include the following:

  • Support in development processes
  • Preparing applications for property rights
  • Freedom to operate (FTO) analyses
  • Legal status enquiries
  • Searches for identical or similar brands and trademarks
  • Continual monitoring

Preparation of industrial property rights

In order to provide an initial assessment of the patentability of your invention in advance of an application for property rights, we search data resources open to us for prior art closest to your invention. In this way the property rights application can based on known prior art, which may shorten the granting procedure and thus reduce associated costs.

Please note, however, that searches of this kind can never cover all prior art, and that no guarantee can be given as to completeness and accuracy of search results.