Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Haiböck

Fabian Haiböck passed the European Qualifying Examination before the European Patent Office in 2022 and has been a European Patent Attorney at Hübscher und Partner since his registration. In addition to novelty searches, he deals with patent applications, patent grant and opposition proceedings. His main field of study is chemical engineering, as well as biotechnology. However, in the course of his work as a patent attorney trainee, he was able to expand his expertise especially in electromobility, plastics technology and mechanical processing methods. In addition to handling technical IP rights, Fabian Haiböck also deals with trademark and design matters.

Scientific Publications

B. Weiss, F. Haiböck, A. Spanlang, W. Wukovits: "Trace Species Investigations for Integrated Steel Plants in m.simtop"; Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70 (2018), 817 - 822.