Dipl.-Ing. Verena Fosodeder, MLBT

Verena Fosodeder has been a patent attorney trainee at our firm since 2023. After completing her studies in Chemistry and Technology of Materials in 2015, she worked for several years in the research and development department of an industrial company while also working as an inventor. This experience sparked her interest in patents, which is why she moved to the patent department of a leading industrial group in 2019 and completed a degree in Law and Economics for Technicians in parallel to her professional activities. This enabled her to combine her technical knowledge with legal aspects and gain a deep understanding of the needs of companies.

Her sound education, combined with her insights into the perspective of both industry and inventors, provides her with a solid foundation for her training as a patent attorney.


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Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen

V. Romaka, V. Fosodeder, P. F. Rogl, É. C. T. Ramos, C. A. Nunes, G. C. Coelho, and G. Giester (2013). Novel Refractory Phase, Ta7Si2(SixB1–x)2. Inorganic Chemistry, 52 (19), 11295-11301.
DOI: 10.1021/ic401413f

Stefan Zikeli, Hannes Kitzler, Verena Fosodeder, Tobias Baumeister. Herstellung eines Aminoxids durch Oxidation eines tertiären Amins. WO2018115443A1. 2016